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 New Attitude 


New Attitude combines art with technology to develop new types of silicone body prostheses that are expertly crafted for each person we work with. We have a profound expertise in materials and fabrication techniques that we have acquired during our many years of working with people to create custom prostheses.  See why we have a New Attitude.


Our Prostheses

Art Meets Innovation

uplooking MW.jpg

Breast Prostheses

Custom Breast Prostheses After Breast Cancer


Body Prostheses

Expertly Crafting Body Prostheses

FACE TECH copy.jpg

Facial Prostheses

Realistic and Functional Facial Prostheses


Foot Prostheses

Designing Prostheses To Help The Foot


Finger Prostheses

Designing A Functional Prosthesis


The work New Attitude does is exciting, Ms. Healey is possibly the most intelligent, caring and compassionate professional I have met in my years working to communicate vital healthcare issues.

Corby Luke, Enginears Inc., Toronto, Canada

Your prosthetics are one of a kind and are in fact works of art.  In working with me, you made me feel whole again.  . I feel privileged for having had the opportunity to watch the process that is so unique to you

CB, Rhode Island, USA

An exceptional woman and Artist. The time with her as she created Prosthetics for me were exciting and healing. I was transformed. Irene has a calm quiet caring way and goes to great lengths to ensure an exceptional outcome.

JL, Toronto, Canada

Please get in touch with any questions. We offer a free phone or video consultation.

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