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Devices For The Foot

New Attitude partners with foot care providers to create specialized custom made devices that meet the needs of patient with various toe joint deformities and other foot related problems. By working with podiatrists and pedorthists, we create devices that can help alleviate pain and help counteract the decrease in foot function that occurs when foot deformities develop. We specialize in helping alleviate foot problems in elderly patients to help them remain as active as possible without having to experience painful feet.

Creating Custom Solutions to Keep People Active

New Attitude is known for its ability to find innovative solutions and our extensive technical know how. We work with the podiatry community to find non invasive ways to maintain the function of the foot. This is especially important in older patients who have problems with their balance and their mobility.

Toe Prostheses

After loosing a part of a toes a silicone custom made toe prostheses is created to securely attach to the remaining length the toe. Color matched it can also have a realistic acrylic nail that can be painted with nail polish. Most importantly a toe prosthesis stabilizes the architecture of the foot and prevents problems from arising by replacing the support of the missing anatomy.

4 TOE WO Prosthesis.PNG


4 Toe W Prosthesis.PNG


Let us know what you think and pass our information on to your foot care specialist.

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