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Artistically Designed Finger Prostheses

Combining Aesthetics With Function

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Silicone Finger Prostheses

Restoring Function to the Hand

A silicone finger prosthesis can realistic replace the missing length of the finger and restore function. We work with each client to recreate the shape and color of the missing anatomy and create a securely fitting prosthesis that can be comfortably used without worry. Call us for more information and to set up a fee video consultation.


Finger Prostheses as Wearable Tech

We creatively work with each client and develop finger and hand prostheses by collaboratively developing designs unique to them. On occasion we work with clients who are artists and design professionals themselves and we have developed unique designs that are highly successful at restoring function (see video below).

Thumb Prosthesis 3D Printed in Titanium Metal

As medical artists and technologists we are are continuously doing research into the latest technologies and materials we to apply to the field of prosthetics. We also see prosthetics as capable of being sophisticated and wearable art. A thumb prosthesis was designed and printed in titanium for a client who injured her hand in a work related accident. The prosthesis fits securely over a short amputation stump and restores the length of the thumb and function to the hand in addition to being a beautiful decorative piece of functional art.

Please get in touch with any questions. We offer a free phone or video consultation.

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